Taking the Hard Road

The strength and depth of a person’s faith are often revealed not on a good or average day but in the worst moments. While there is nothing wrong with being driven to act or make decisions based on notions of self-preservation, avoiding difficulties in life is not only impossible. It is also a limiting way to live. And when it comes to faith, nothing tests it more than dealing with life’s toughest challenges including the ones that put the strongest personal beliefs in question head-on.

It is easy to have unwavering faith in the love, compassion, and power of the God you believe in when you do not see the suffering and struggles of other people. The real test of faith comes when you experience the harshest conditions that will make you think about your beliefs. This is why doing charity or volunteer work in causes that deal with some of the world’s biggest problems can be a life-changing experience. It takes you beyond your comfort zone and provides you with invaluable insights into other people’s struggles in life.

Some of the things people do like volunteering in Thailand orphanage or with international humanitarian and aid organizations make some of the world’s biggest problems more personal. It builds connections to diverse culture and the people that may not have access to the privileges other people take for granted.

To test one’s faith is to seek and walk the harder path regardless of the myriad of personal challenges it may present. By choosing to see the uglier and harsher conditions that may escape a lot of people’s notice, beliefs can be put in question and the answers may just be what’s needed to further strengthen them.