Benefits Of Having A Religion

This is a sensitive topic, so I will try to do my best not to offend anyone.

To me, there are pro’s and con’s in having a religious belief. I am here to discuss the pro’s. So, let’s keep the ball rolling, shall we?

Benefits of Religion To People

Moral Standards

I am not saying that Atheists have no morals. Quite the opposite.

I’m just saying that religious people are more inclined to their moral beliefs. This is case to case basis. So, it doesn’t mean that if you have a religion, you’re automatically a good person.

You’re Not A Completely Free Person

Even McDonalds Launched A Kosher Certified Branch.

It maybe weird to you, but having too much freedom can really mess the world up. You still need to limit everything.

Like the Hindi, they don’t eat cows. That’s good for us! Because if everybody in the world eats beef, there will be a shortage. India is the 2nd most populous country in the world. Muslims too. They don’t eat pork. Maybe they can eat gluten free vegan doughnuts if its Halal.

Halal is Kosher is to the Jews. Same thing applies.

It Can Unite Us.

Yes it can. But it can also divide us. So, basically it’s a 50/50.

Prayer vigils and other religious movements can unite people with the same beliefs. By going to your church, synagogue or church, you’re being united under one roof.

Do you agree with this? Share your thoughts below if I missed out something. I can’t really narrow the things down. Thanks for reading!