Archery for a More Confident You

Mel Clarke wins Silver at the Archery at the Paralympic Games in London. Paralympics London 2012 – ParalympicsGB – Archery ….Royal Artillery Barracks. Date 04/09/2012 (Clare Green/ParalympicsGB)

Let’s take this essential reflection on archery. What can it really offer? Well, the best, maybe.

Believe in yourself. God has created wonders in you. With Him, nothing is impossible. You are an amazing creation. There is strength in you that you need to unravel your greatness. Hence, you need to get out from your comfort zone and show to the world what you’ve got. Do archery and get involved. To help you out, our recurve bow reviews will surely help you a great deal for your shooting efficiency.

Broaden your horizons as you get hold of your bow and fire your arrow. Archery has come a long way as a competitive sport and an amazing form of recreation. If you aim for accuracy and speed, no one would stop you. If you want to savor the time in the archery park with family and friends, then that is equally fine.

In ancient times, archery has been used for hunting and in defending one’s self in combat. The action of the bow and arrow has its roots in history.  The first organized archery competition was held in England in the 1500s. Even the mythical characters and heroes are archers. What do you know about Apollo, Robin Hood, and Cupid? Their craft in using the  bow and arrows has become a highlight in the field of archery. Hence, the credibility of the sport has reached greater heights.

To exemplify the sport, archery has been featured in movies and TV shows. Indeed, archery as a form of exotic art and sport doesn’t lose its appeal.  That is why the Katniss of The Hunger Games and Hawkeye of The Avengers have inspired a ton of”wannabes”. These aspirants have paraded their interests in the shooting ranges.


Different categories of archery have expanded their audience to the maximum.Archery in Olympics is always a motivation. People of all ages want to give their best try. The action of shooting  has inspired people a lot.

The shooting scenario makes you learn life skills. Hence targeting goals whether in real life setting or in the shooting range are pretty rewarding.